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Upcoming Events


You can connect in so many different ways.

Great Dames offers events for women of all ages and backgrounds. All our events have a giving component where funds go to help support other women and girls. While women are our primary audience, supportive men also share in our community.

Our primary programs include:

Powerful Conversations Series
Peer Advisory Groups
Remarkable Ideas Competition
Circle Membership Community

Join us for our Fall 2018 Events:

Invitation to the Great Dames Community

Nov 5 Winner Announcement

Bethany Hall-Long.jpg.png

Featuring Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long
+ Remarkable Youth Pitches

for Nov. 5 Event

Oct 15 Pitch Event

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Featuring Jen Groover
creator of the Butler Bag-a multi-million-dollar brand
+ Remarkable Finalist Pitches

for Oct. 15 Event