Our Story


We are about attitude and action.

Great Dames is a dynamic, diverse community of women who are connected, empowered and inspired to create the impact they desire. Since 2009, we have engaged more than 8,500 women and girls at salons, conversations, workshops and peer mentoring groups.

Here’s what one attendee at a our Powerful Conversation series had to say:

“The panelists were willing to be a little vulnerable …. It is always beneficial for us all to know we are not alone in our struggles and that even very confident professionals have their anxieties and insecurities. Thank you for this great group.”

But what we care most about is impact. Here’s the story of Shonda. She was stuck at a crossroads because of several life events that left her dispirited and dejected, unable to fully commit to anything. Her Great Dames peer advisors provided a powerful sounding board, which enabled her to create and execute a plan for her future. Her plan led her to further education, a new job and new home.

There are hundreds of other Great Dames stories.

Please join us in sharing yours.