Our Impact


Action leads to impact at Great Dames.

Here are some of the ways that Great Dames are making an impact:

8,500 Women Engaged

8,500 women have made meaningful connections attending Great Dames programs.

750 Women Invigorated

750 women have invigorated their lives and careers through mentorship and peer-to-peer advising.

500 Women Entrepreneurs 

500 women entrepreneurs have been supported with funding and expert advice.

210 Nonprofits

210 nonprofits have received grants or volunteer assistance.

Quick Facts

  • Women attend programs from states throughout the mid-Atlantic Region, including Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, New York and Washington DC.

  • Broad diversity in age, experience and cultural background; trending younger and more diverse.

  • National and local news coverage of programs that spotlight accomplished women leaders.

  • High level of satisfaction with programs based on consistent surveying of participants.

What Dames Are Saying

“As usual, powerful speakers, but most importantly, very honest, not worried about being politically correct just being truthful. Being themselves and helping you to find out how to get there too.”

“I was immediately drawn in by the air of collective energy, being on the same side. The panel did not present as a typical group of experts, but as fellow seekers. The personal, authentic nature of their sharing and subsequent conversation was unique and inspiring!”

“Really enjoy hearing all the different perspectives, especially the generational differences and commonalities.”

“Thank you for all that you do for women in our community! What a wonderful idea!”

“Thought-provoking fun/great crowd! Personal growth, new idea openness & female friend appreciation.”

“When I think of Great Dames, I think of Margaret Wheatley’s quote: ‘Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters.’ That’s what Great Dames does for me – It starts conversations that matter.”

“It’s a network of women (and some men!) who will inspire, inform and challenge you. They will be your confidants and your coaches.And Great Dames doesn’t try to do its work alone. It supports and partners with other organizations, like Girls Can Do Anything and the Fresh Start Scholarship Foundation. Because it’s not about any one organization. It’s about making a real impact. And it’s working. Great Dames is truly changing the face of Delaware and the Delaware Valley.”