Featured Speaker: Ashley Biden, Livelihood

Series features ‘firestarters,’ women who disrupt the status quo, shake things up, and mobilize others.

Great Dames announces the six speakers who will lead a series titled “Firestarters: Igniting the Spark Within You” this spring at Harry’s Savoy Grill in North Wilmington. The two-part series launches Monday, April 9, and concludes on Monday, May 7. Tickets are on sale now.

Biden appears on April 9. As founder of Livelihood, a social venture that designs hoodies to fund grassroots initiatives for social and economic justice, the former vice president’s daughter is dedicated to causes that eradicate social and other injustices. She will share her firestarter journey, from ideation and execution, then to impact.

The May 7 event features five women firestarters who are creating and mobilizing communities. They include: Tizzy Lockman, Delaware state senatorial candidate; Miracle Olatunji, teen social entrepreneur; Melissa Govette, women’s advocate at M&T Bank; Karin Copeland, arts and business integrator; and Kathy Palokoff, author of the newly released book, “Firestarters: Ignite Your Own Life,” which has garnered several excellent reviews, including two from Forbes. The book inspired the series and Palokoff will offer book-signing opportunities.

“We have gathered a phenomenal group of women change agents,” says Great Dames President Sharon Kelly Hake.” We can’t wait to learn what inspired them to create and launch their powerful ideas, and what obstacles they overcame to make such significant impact on so many of us.”

Proceeds benefit the Great Dames Fund, which supports causes that empower women and girls. For more information and to register, visit www.GreatDames.com/Events. For interviews, contact Sharon Kelly Hake at sharonhake@great-dames.com or (610) 389-0610.

Sharon Kelly Hake