Prior Powerful Conversations Series

Fall 2018: Remarkable Ideas Competition III

October 2018: Remarkable Women Pitches

·    Jen Groover, one-woman brand, Bucket Bag creator

·    Six Remarkable Finalists Pitch their Ideas

November 2018: Remarkable Youth Pitches

·    Bethany Hall-Long, Delaware Lt Governor

·    Ten Remarkable Youth Pitch their Ideas

Spring 2018: Women Firestarters

April 2018:

·    Ashley Biden, founder, Livelihood

May 2018: Women Firestarters Panel

  • Kathy Palokoff, founder, GoFirestarters

  • Karin Copeland, ED, Arts & Business Council

  • Miracle Olatunji, teen entrepreneur

  • Melissa Govette, commercial real estate, M&T Bank

  • Elizabeth (Tizzy) Lockman, DE state senator

Fall 2017: Women Crushing Obstacles

October 2017: Women Crushing Obstacles Panel:

  • Carla Markell, former First Lady of Delaware

  • Guillermina Gonzalez, executive director, Delaware Arts Alliance

  • Susan Hum, costume designer, formerly with theDavid Letterman Show

  • Chandra Pitts, founder, One Village Alliance

November 2017: Creating Parity for Women

  • Ellen Kullman, former DuPont CEO & current co-chair, Paradigm for Parity

Spring 2017: Celebrating Women FIRSTS

March 2016: FIRST Women Leaders: Journeys to the Top

  • Chief Natosha Norwood Carmine, leader of Nantikoke Indian Tribe

  • Alisa Morkides, founder of Brew Ha Ha

  • Margie Lopez-Waite, head of school at ASPIRA Academy

April 2017: First Women Role Model & Mentors

  • Julie Coker Graham, CEO & President of Phila Convention & Visitors Bureau

  • Dr Andrea Taylor, founder of Women’s Encore

May 2017: First Impressions Matter

  • Linda Farquhar, founder of entreDonovan

  • Dr Laura Sicola, founder of Vocal Impact Productions

Fall 2016: What Matters to YOU?

October 2016: Sharing Wisdom Across the Generations

  • Kye Reynolds, Millennial/GenY & WilmU student

  • Dr Yukiko Washio, GenX & health research scientist

  • Rosanne Taylor, Boomer: & entrepreneur

  • Bebe Coker, Traditionalist: & community activist

November 2016: Igniting Your Passion & Purpose

  • Morgan Berman, entrepreneur

  • Latisha Bracy, community mobilizer

  • robin brown, journalist

  • Regian Allen Sharpe, Wilmington University leader

Dec 2016: Creating Change Through Policy

  • Lynn Yeakel, Vision 2020

  • Priscilla Rakestraw, Ministry of Caring

  • Rysheema Dixon, Wilmington City Council

  • Bethany Hall Long, Lieutenant Governor of Delaware

Fall 2015: Women with Fascinating Points of View

October 2015: “Women in the Arts”

  • Monica Buffington, Kennett Symphony of Chest County, PA

  • Lele Galer, Artist & Haler Winery Owner

  • Eileen Cunniffee, Arts & Business Council of Greater Philadelphia

  • Guillermina Gonzalez, Delaware Arts Alliance

  • Tatiana Copeland, Arts Advocate & Supporter

November 2015: “Women in the Media”

  • Margaret Aitken, Moderator

  • Susan Leath, The News Journal

  • Suzanne Loudermilk, Delaware Today

  • Amy Cherry, WDEL

  • Katey Hill, WJBR

  • Maria Hess, Wilmington University Publications

December 2015: “Women in Health”

  • Janice E. Nevin, MD, MPH, President & COE of Christiana Health Care System interviewed by

  • Dr. Maria Hess, Wilmington University

SPRING 2015: Women Innovators

March 2015: “Creators of Innovative Solutions”

  • Rita Wilkins IIDA, IDS IFDA, President & COE, Design Services, LTD.

  • Tiffany Allman, Senior Specialist, Citi & Owner, ART Kitchen Studio

  • Mary Ann Nolan, President, Waggies by Maggie & Friends

  • Ara Atkinson Skinner, Owner, Ara Illustrated Studio Group

April 2015: “Thought Leaders who Shape our Future”

  • Featuring Tracy Davidson, Thought Leader & Emmy-winning journalist at NBC 10.

May 2015: “Writers who Provoke our Thinking”

  • Featuring Allison Moore, Phyllis Coletta, Donna Duffy, three talented and fearless women writers who share their heart-warming and inspirational stories.

SPRING 2014: Women with BIG Ideas

March 2014: Jane Golden, Founder, Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia

  • “Its mission is simple: Art Saves Lives.”

May 2014: Jamye Cooper, Executive Director, Dining for Women

  • “A global dinner giving circle with 8300 members focused on empowering women globally.”

June 2014: Carol Fitzgerald, Founder, BreastCare DTS™

  • “Her passion is helping save the lives of women through the early detection of breast cancer.”

FALL 2013: Amazing Mothers & Daughters

September 2013: A Special Great Dames Delaware Event

  • Featuring “A Conversation with Jill & Ashley Biden,” who shared stories of their learnings from their world travels together.

October 2013: “The Fabulous Coker Women”

  • Featuring Bebe Coker, community advocate and member Hall of Fame of Delaware Women, and her three accomplished daughters, Julie Coker, Joan Coker and Laurie Coker.

November 2013: “Change Agent Daughters & Mothers”

  • Daneya Jacobs, Just BE Founder and her mom, Alonia Douglas

  • Chandra Pitts, One Village Alliance Founder and her mom, Genny Pitts

SPRING 2013: Women Leading the Way

February 2013: “What would Ellen say?”

  • Featuring Ellen Kullman, DuPont CEO, the importance of mentoring.

March 2013: “Women in Media!”

  • Maria Hess, Editor in Chief of Delaware Today

  • Nancy Karibjanian, Broadcaster & VP of Delaware First Media

  • Margaret Aitken, Media Strategist & Public Relations Expert

  • Sharon Baker, Co-Founder & Senior Producer of Teleduction

  • Amy Cherry, WDEL News Reporter & Anchor

April 2013: “Designing the Life of Your Dreams”

  • Featuring author, Annmarie Kelly, who shared strategies for becoming leaders in our lives, careers and communities.

FALL 2012: Woman Making an Impact

September 2012: “Women Changing the World” featuring

  • Carol Cunningham, Founder, Gambia Women’s Initiative

  • Betsy Teutsch, Author, 100 Under $100: One Hundred Tools for Empowering Global Women

  • Carole Downs, Co-Founder, Haiti Family Initiative

October 2012: “Conversation with First Lady of Delaware, Carla Markell”

  • Carla Markell shared her passion for Volunteerism

November 2012: “Sisters Making an Impact”

  • Featuring Pettinaro sisters, Cindy Wilkinson, Tracy Crowley & Vicky Martelli

December 2012: “Women Connectors”

  • Featuring Michelle Taylor, CEO & President, United Way of Delaware and

  • Candida Toccia Seasock, CEO, CTS Associates, Strategic Advisors to Growth Companies