Great Dames Descend on Philadelphia

Great Dames, Inc., which has helped more than 6,500 women in the Mid-Atlantic region make meaningful connections to advance their ideas, is now launching its highly successful Peer-to-Peer Advisory groups in Philadelphia.

For a limited time, Philly women can take advantage of an exclusive opportunity to become Great Dames charter members and enjoy a complimentary peer advisory session.

Peer Advisory groups offer like-minded women to be part of a powerful and focused working group of peer mentors who support and inspire each other.  Guided by a professional facilitator, members gain clarity, fine tune direction and accelerate their aspirations.

Peer advisory group members are exposed to different perspectives and insights and are privy to focused idea exchange that spurs strategic thinking.

“We’re proud to offer the Great Dames community this valuable opportunity to enhance their effectiveness through the wisdom, skills and life experiences of their peers,” says Great Dames CEO Sharon Kelly Hake. “Groups like this are incredibly powerful because they help us realize our own power and purpose so we can make significant contributions to the world.”

Sharon Kelly Hake